Women & Children Social Networking WNC-SN

Reach Out and Make a Change

The Breakfast Club is a social gathering at a designated meeting place where we all eat and socialize as a group.
***(Children 3 years + can join the Breakfast & Book Club)

Our Purpose

Book Club

Every smile beautifies a community

Youth & Women Workshop

The Book Club is a social networking movement that helps children, youth to build their self-esteem and promote readiness for reading fluently.
**(Children 3 years + can join the Breakfast & Book Club)

Various topics are discussed that are of interest to the youths and the women to help meet their needs. This includes small and large groups with or without the same need.                                         * Inquire for more details

Breakfast Club

The purpose of Women & Children Social Networking WNC-SN is to empower children, youth, women and families and create a space where they can have a voice, creative activities to engage in and socialize with others in meaningful conversations through dialogue.